Day 7 | Date Night

Canon 5D Mark III, 40mm 2.8 at ISO 2500, F3.2, 1/6 Sec, Raw, Tripod and Remote

After date night dinner pic.  The background:  Raining, car stopped in the road, on a bridge, had to jump the guardrail.  Thanks for humoring me Kristal!

Kristal Mensonides - With the sniffles and feeling ready for my sweats all the while! xo

Andrea Bell - pretty amazing.

Claire Gilfillan - Super great!

Day 7 My Hair Appt Date

Nikon D7000, ISO 320 F2 1/400s RAW

The only picture I took all day, last minute, quick snap before going into my evening hair appt. I should have taken a picture of me with all that foil in my hair. Shoulda.

Terry Mensonides - At least you got one!

Claire Gilfillan - She’s super cute!

day 8 | how a super hero flies

Canon 5D Mark III, 50 mm 1.4 at 50mm 1.4, 1/160, ISO 2000, Raw

*Just when I thought it was getting too late and I still had no picture of the day Tate came out in his favors from a buddy’s birthday party today. Never a dull moment.

Terry Mensonides - Poor kid…will forever be on the internet in his underwear…

Terry Mensonides - And yes people…the picture in the frame doesn’t actually fit…we are working on that problem…:)

andrea - love it.

Day Two

Well. hello there Spidey! Nikon d700 35mm 1.4 lens, F1.4, ISO 640, 1/250

Terry Mensonides - I love this! Strangely I see the same cute kind of Spidey around this place! :)

kristal - Oops that was me not Terry. :)

Andrea - This is too cute. And I love that pop of color around all that white.

Day 4 | Night Shooting – Titlow

Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70 2.8L at 27MM, ISO 2500, F5.6, 49 Sec, Raw, Tripod

Kristal - Looks amazing T!

Andrea - WOW! That’s pretty great.

Mollie Stavenger - great shot! This is why the west side is so cool. Though I enjoy our weather over on the east side.

Terry Mensonides - Where do you live? Eastern WA or the eastern US?

Claire Gilfillan - Very nice!

Mollie Stavenger - Eastern WA, tri-cities