day 11 | when mom hosts a baby shower

We were apart for most of the day aside from church, but upon my return from hosting a shower and the boys return from an afternoon at the farm, everyone got a little left over treat.

Canon 5D mark III, 50mm 1.4 at 50mm 1.4, 1/160, f1.8, ISO 1000

Andrea - The shower looked super cute from your insta. How do you have time do all of this?

Terry Mensonides - Cause she is Awesome!

Day 8 Ristrettos Anniversary Party

Nikon D7000 35mm ISO2500 F2.8 1/500s JPEG

I have no night skills.

Terry Mensonides - Ha! You need a tripod! And we have an old Lightroom license if you want to use it…the noise reduction is amazing!

FYI Nikon grain is much more pleasing than Canon grain. This looks like film to me which I like.

Andrea Bell - Terry…I do have a tripod but I wasn’t gonna lug it to this party. :) And I barely know how to set it up anyways.

I did add some grain to this since it was already grainy. It made it prettier (to me).

Loved your pic last night. That is the way to do it at night!

Kristal Mensonides - Ohh…c’mon…everyone would think you were cool if you lugged a tripod into a restaurant…it’s totally normal

I like the grain too sometimes….the pic below of Boston (our black lab) I added grain too….