Day 7/Off to Kindergarten

Running off to lineup for Kindergarten before the bell..I was so embarrassed having my big camera at school that I took this one shot and tossed it back in my purse..But I’m glad I took one. Nikon d700 85mm 1.4g, ISO 200, F2, 1/1000sec

Kristal Mensonides - Love her boots! Way to capture it momma!

Andrea - I get embarrassed too! I LOVE those boots and raincoat.

Mollie Stavenger - I think our kids have accepted that Mama or Daddy will have a camera in hand. I have tried to get my husband to join in on here. He is taking pictures but not posting them. He is the reason I like taking pictures. Though his understanding of the camera and how it works is FAR beyond my understanding. I am working on that though.