Day 10/ Steakhouse

Nikon d700 35 1.4g, ISO 6400, F1.4, 1/60sec..It was dark, sorry for all the noise friends, this is the only picture I took all day. Avery and Blake’s very early birthday dinner with Gramma Mimi.

Terry Mensonides - Where at?

Claire Gilfillan - The Keg, right by Blake’s office.

Day 13 | Favorite Pen – G-Tec C / Hi-Tec C

Canon 7D, 40mm 2.8 at ISO 250, F2.8, 1/200 Sec, Raw, Off Camera Flash + Pop-Up Flash

Andrea…beat you for boring…

Andrea - I like it though. Impressive that it looks like light going through the notebook when you know its dark in there.

Terry Mensonides - There was a flash shooting through the back….:). I covered the rest of the flash with my hand so it wouldn’t spill all over. :)

Day 13 Nothing Exciting

Nikon D7000, ISO 500, F2.8, 1/50s

Stayed home all day (except for the dr.). Strep throat. This is sister computer time.

Andrea Bell - This is so boring. I was tempted to cheat.

Terry Mensonides - It happens…no cheating!

Kristal Mensonides - love the diaper buns. no cheating. i like the ‘boring!’

and i like your picture (top right :) )

Claire Gilfillan - I don’t think it’s boring, very cute!