days 97-131

A little catch up!

 day 97 | just a typical Tuesday… homemade cookies and Connect 4 after dinner.

 day 98 | took a picture earlier in the day, but while getting ready for bed I couldn’t help but take another and ended up choosing to use this one. I am just a sucker for a tiny, bare tummy. ♥

day | 99 I dont know many times a day I say “keep your hands to yourself” I was going to grab a “cute” shot of them enjoying their after school snack that we grabbed on the way home, but I figured this was a little truer to the story. :)

day 100 | I’m going to go with, it’s time to retire the jammies. 3 boys later, we got a toe!

 day 101 | oh, my first little buddy.

just a quick ‘hey look over here’ while enjoying some sunshine today.

day 102 | Did you happen to see the sky at sunset? We were on our way to celebrate our niece/cousin’s birthday when we saw this. Simply amazing.

“The heavens declare His glory; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

day 103 | sunshine & tunnels (and lots of giggles) before nap time.

day 104 | Minus a school boy (as usual) and middle boy today…Grady and I enjoyed having a little buddy and his mommy over for a last minute playdate this afternoon. Good naps for them and good conversation for us!

day 105 | Some days you just got to have a nap in mom’s spot after school. Especially if the preceding night you are up past your bedtime playing Chutes & Ladders with dad because you had declared it a “special night” with your younger brother not home. :)

day 106 | Having grown up with an older brother and forever being at the other end of his quarterback and pitcher practice sessions, I know a thing or two about throwing and catching. Which comes in handy with a house full of boys! We might have played a little catch before dinner tonight per Tate’s request. (brrr…too cold to be outside! :)

day 107 | his favorite book.

I try really hard each day to choose just one photo, and so far have been able to do so. But today, I just couldn’t decide between these four. So, a collage it is!

day 108 | The big boys were so glad to see me come home from my morning session today. This meant it was time to head out to the farm with dad to enjoy their right of the second amendment of the United States of America. :) Happy Saturday!

day 109 | our earliest riser. ready for breakfast.

day 110 | today, we had a blast roller skating at Rollin’ 253 Skate and Community Center with cousins, and learning to skate for the first time! Yay for no school mondays!

day 111 | I heard “I got you…I got you… almost there” and then saw this. super hero playing brothers

day 112 | my little helper.


day 113 | taking a picture of him taking a picture. love his ‘shoot face’

day 114 | working through a poor attitude.

day 115 | Tonight we hosted friends for dinner and this morning I had a pie helper

day 116 | just me. & my new mustard scarf that I have almost lived in since it was gifted to me from a sweet friend on Friday. ♥

day 117 | our armies combined.

Not an overly amazing photo, but it’s where our hearts are tonight. One of my very closest and dear friends will be leaving Thursday with her crew of boys & husband to be missionaries in Brazil. Tonight we had them for dinner and gave our official goodbyes. We love you Doug & Leah & boys! And will miss you terribly. :( Thankful for being brought into one another’s life 8 years ago and will be praying for you. Cant wait for Skype dates and to use all those messaging apps

day 118 | he loves to build towers. and like here, enjoys knocking them down, too

day 119 | because, if you can’t have fun with the giant pile mom has to fold then what good is the laundry pile anyway?!

(and yes, I had this much to fold. how is it that you can get THAT far behind so quickly? maybe it’s the 3 boys and husband that I have… & I am still deciding what to frame or have made for over our bed. I’m getting tired of the bare space! the.end.)

day 120 | Grady’s ever growing vocabulary often comes with a poke in the eye. “eye” + poke.

day 121 | diaper changes and zurberts on the belly.

day 122 | bedtime drinks

day 123 | hurch then super bowl party. this is what getting home 11 hours later looks like.

day 124 | just ten days to go. we might have decorated a little bit today.

day 125 | Tuesday. Wash the sheets.

day 126 | I remember my brother starting the dribbling constantly phase and it driving my mom crazy. We have now entered the dribbling constantly phase….!

127 | “baby ‘s” first ouch on the knees

day 128 | he waits all day long for his brother to get home from school so they can play.

day 129 | Today he is 18 months old. Halfway through his second year. Some days he feels so big and others he is still my baby. Talking up a storm with his newest phrase “Where’d daddy go?” He is busy and sweet with a hot little temper.

day 130 | practicing on one less wheel, in wide open spaces.

day 131 | Someone found dad’s old comic book collection. The stack kept him pretty occupied as I worked away in the office this afternoon