365 // Day 20

Mongolia – December 2012

Canon 5D // ISO 100 // 9 fstop // 24-70 mm // 1/320 sec

Terry Mensonides - Is this even fair? :) John does your work give you a camera?

Moch - Terry,

Don’t be jealous :) I wanna be the one to take the picture but only one can travel at the moment :) and I asked Jon to take one for me for the day… you know our photography is Jon & Moch its only fair :) bahahahaha we can discuss this when we have dinner :) muahahahahaaha!

Day 60 | O The Fun Of Christmas Lights….#1 Of A Series

Canon 7D, 24-70 F2.8 at ISo 640, 24MM, F22, 3.2 Sec, Raw

Laura Agaba - how cool, how did this shot happen?

Mollie Stavenger - Agreed how did you do this?

Terry Mensonides - In Manual or (aperture priority mode) I stopped the aperture way down to F22 so I would need the shutter open for a couple seconds….pointed at the Christmas tree then just hit the shutter button and wiggled the camera for entire time….make sense?