Day 34 | Jeans – Brenizer Method

Canon 5D Mark III, 50MM 1.4 at ISo 320, F1.4, 1/40 Sec, Raw, Tripod

I have been wanting to try the Brenizer Method (Google – Ryan Brenizer for more info).  I wanted to actually get a portrait using this method tonight but ran out of daylight.  My beautiful sleeping wife probably won’t love this when she sees it.  :)  Basically, it is 6 photos stitched together, kind of like a panorama, but with a super shallow depth of field.  It creates blur and pockets of focus all around the main focal point (in this case Kristal’s knees) and looks super awesome for portraiture.  I’ll have to get some “talent” outside for me later this week!

Kristal Mensonides - It was LATE!! Mama was tired. :) Cool pic babe

Mollie Stavenger - What a fun picture!

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