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Day 66 | Grady

This was a “cross lighting” test on something with Coleson that didn’t work…oh well…got Grady for my pic…

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Day 63 | #3 of the Christmas Light Series

Canon 7D, 24-70 F2.8 L at ISO 100, 24MM, F22, 4 Sec, Raw, Tripod Created using a long exposure looking at the Christmas tree zooming in and out while the picture was being taken…made the uniformity by “flipping” the image horizontally and blending the original and flipped version.

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Day 54 | Grady & Some Bokeh Balls

Canon 5D Mark III, 135MM F2.0 L at ISO 5000, F2.0, 1/200 Sec, Raw I know this has technical and composition issues (subject looking off camera at the wrong edge of the frame, sharpness, etc.), but the lights were amazing…  

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